about me..........

I do art. and make things for people. I like things to be beautifully made but look wobbly. I like childrens drawings and uncomfortable disturbed peoples art and the things that dubuffet and picasso and miro and grosz and schiele made.

I draw and carve and cast and put things together from wood and wire and withies and welding and plastic and paint and plaster and paper and staples and screws and steel and string and rope and rivets and bamboo and nails and glue and cloth and fibreglass and anything else that will make something magical happen.

And I've been doing it for twenty years and most of what I made was temporary and transient and has disappeared but some was not and is dotted around the north east of england where I live.

I've worked with other artists, costume makers, actors, musicians, arts officers, planners, artisans, craftspeople, set designers, businesses, carnivals, celebrations, street theatre companies, jokers, fools and extravagantly talented people. I like working with people who are good at what they do whatever that is.

I don't like mean spirits, tight fists, and people who know all the answers, I like big hearts, warm huggers and life lovers.

If you want someone to make something interesting or you have an opportunity you'd like to share press the contact button................


© graham robinson 2008